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One Month Later

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Another LONG overdue update, this one in bullet point form…

- Our time in North Carolina was very nice and we’re now back home in Wisconsin
- The transplant went off without a hitch and was much easier on Julie this time around
- Joshua and Timmy are both doing very well
- Early test results haven’t shown any significant changes for Josh, which was expected
- More tests will occur in another month or so and hopefully we’ll beging to see signs of benefit from the “booster”

We’ve got lots of great memories, stories and testimonies from North Carolina and I just don’t have time to capture them all, so I’m going to choose one. As I already shared, God provided a wonderful home for us to stay in for free while in Durham. The home was owned by a church and used as outreach to people like us who needed a place to stay while getting medical treatment at Duke. You may remember that Timmy has to get weekly injections of medicine that is helping to sustain his immne system while he waits for the Gene Therapy trial and/or a divine healing. You may also remember that neither Julie or I are fond of giving the shots, so we’ve had a couple nurse friends doing them for us at home.

So in North Carolina, the question arose: Who would give the shots? I decided to email the church and explain the situation to see if perhaps they had a nurse who was a member that might be willing to help. Within a couple of days I had a response from someone willing to help. As if that was not enough of a blessing, it turned out that not only did this wonderful sister-in-Christ have a passion for missions and had been to Africa, but she was also born on the EXACT same day is Timmy (June 19)! SO like God not only to provide, but to add His own little personal exclamation point to it.

Looking forward, in addition to monitoring Joshua’s post-transplant progress, Timmy will also be making his first trip to NIH in November. This will just be a preliminary visit to give NIH a chance to see him, do some blood tests and some other basic testing to make sure he will be eligible for Gene Therapy when he reaches the required 22 lbs. Joshua will go to so they have a chance to follow up with him after his extended stay this past spring.

So much more than that going on with all of us of course, but that’s all I’ve got time for now and probably all you’ve got time to read anyway. :) I’ll leave you with the latest edition of “Timmy Talk” (below), recorded just today after school. Timmy sure likes his brother!

Many Blessings,

Clark, Julie, Joshua & Timmy