Reporting Live, I’m Joshua Osborn

Josh gives a tour of the room he’s been in for the last 7 weeks at NIH…

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  1. John Flitz Says:


    Hopefully you remember me. I’ve been following your progress and congratulations on your latest results. You’re a very brave and patient young man… and one great basketball player!

    Saw your tour of your room. Looks nice.

    Very impressed with your piano playing! I was a musician for many years and I could never play that well. Hopefully you enjoy it and muisc will always be a part of your life.

    Looking forward to hearing about your return home soon!


  2. Terri Koury Says:

    Hi Josh -
    It was great getting a tour. Looks like a wonderland of fun things to do! Glad you are there getting totally better. All us Kourys will keep on praying and look forward to you coming home soon!! Love all you Osborns!! :-)


  3. Karin Says:

    Hey Josh
    Was great skying with you a bit. All the way to Africa right!!
    Wow there is a lot of stuff in your room. I liked the dinosaur skeleton. Actually did you make those things or you just paint them. You know what is missing ? A sculpture CAT!
    I also did listen to you piano concert. I tell you you are multi talented young kid. Keep it up and glorify Jesus in all you do. Will be praying for you as you stay in that one room.
    Bye till another time
    Karin with Kids

  4. Dwight Clough Says:

    Thanks for the tour, Joshua. Looks like you are quite an artist. I’m really inspired by your great positive attitude. Blessings to you and your family!

  5. Sue Arndt Says:

    Josh – you are growing into such a fine young man. You gave an excellent tour of your room. I enjoyed hearing you tell about it most of all.

    Our family continues to pray for you and your parents. I can tell that God is present with you there. You are a strong kid!

    Peace and patience to you –

  6. Jacque Girard Says:

    Josh! Dude! Love the video! Love the painting and the Setup you created there! Out shot your Dad, eh? You may just have a future on the big screen dude.
    I’m thinking about you every day, praying and I know it has to be tough some days but you and Jesus are VICTORS in this battle. What an example you are to me and to so many others Josh. I’m proud to know you dude!
    I have a card I’m sending but still have to find the address to send it to so watch for it, it’s coming soon!
    Love you and can’t wait to see you home again!

  7. Deda Oatsvall Says:

    Hey Josh, loved the tour. It’s fun to see where you and your mom & dad have been hanging out. You are quite a unique young man, you make me smile. Looking forward to all of you being back in Wisconsin. Sounds like things are going pretty well. I will keep praying for you and for little “Timmy.”

  8. Kathy Ryan Says:

    Hi Josh,

    We had a great time praying for you last nite…loved the tour of your room! It was neat seeing the things that you’ve been up to since being there. I’m missing playing w/your cats. Once you are home, I want to come by and see them, especially if your mom cooks me a burger on the grill! Today is my cat’s (Belle) birthday…when I get home we are going to PARTY!

    See you soon!


  9. Alica Says:


    Looks like you are finding a lot of fun stuff to keep yourself entertained! I miss all you guys and can’t wait to see you and hear all about it in person. And keep playing piano… that was good stuff :)

    Tell your parents hi for me too!!

    Looove you guys,


  10. Julie Overboe Says:

    Hi Joshua!
    I remember being at your house for the Packer game and enjoyed meeting you and your family so much. I showed your video to the kids in my class of second and third graders. They all wanted to know if you ever get bored!
    Do you have a shower in your room?
    What do you get to eat every day?
    How old are you?
    How much do you get to see your parents?

    Take care and we will check back to see how you are doing!!
    Best Wishes,
    Ms. Overboe’s 2/3 Class
    Paul J. Olson Elementary School, Madison, WI

  11. Dana Paul Says:

    Hi Joshua! You don’t know me, but I know your parents from when I was a little girl as they are family friends of the Moore clan :-) I have been praying for you and am so happy about the emails I have gotten from your dad that you have been doing well. You are an absolute inspiration and should be so proud of yourself for handling your situation with such grace and optimism. Not many people who have spent that much time in a hospital room would be so happy and smiling – and even talking about how much fun you are having! You are going to make a wonderful big brother :-) Your video brought a smile to my face and I will continue to keep you in my prayers!

  12. Rich Dixon Says:

    Josh–You have a pretty cool setup there, if you have to be in a hospital. I think you have a future in the entertainment biz. We’re praying for you.

  13. Korbin & Kim Eisler Says:

    Hi Josh,
    Thanks for showing me your room. I wish I could have my own room with all that stuff! Pretty soon we are going to get skype so I can talk to you and to my sister in Germany! I’m going to show you some fun stuff on skype. I pray for you and hope you are home soon.

  14. Hannah Says:

    Josh your room is so cool! I wanna come and play with you, but I can’t which is a bummer. I’m praying that you come home soon. God Bless you buddy =)
    Love Hannah

  15. Aisha Says:

    Josh!! The last video of your room was great! Mom and Dad did not tell me that you were able to get out a bit last month. I am so excited to be able to connect to you in this fashion (the internet is great). Dad just told me bout your website. Too cool. Keep the videos coming!!

  16. Dad Says:

    I just wanted to post the 16th comment. :)

    Love you bud!

  17. Lana Says:


    You are looking great! I loved the tour and your great way of presenting – you might consider a career in broadcasting of some sort along with your musical career! Mostly I am excited to see you are doing so well – just love the Lord’s response to our prayers. I continue to pray in Jesus’ Name you are healed!

    Blessings, Lana

  18. Gretchen Says:

    Josh! I’m so glad that you are happy and enjoying yourself. You seem to be in good spirits. Keep it up! I’m so proud of you!

  19. Jesse Rinzel Says:

    Hey Josh

    You beat your dad in basketball once for me ok? I wish I could come and play you in some Wii. That would be a lot more fun than all the studying that I’ve been doing for school. Stay strong Josh.


  20. Spencer hampton Says:

    Hey Josh, i,m usually the last person to post a comment or in other words NOT the first person to comment. well, what ever about that. I’m so glad your doing very well and coming home sometime soon. My mom said that you guys are planing a date for you guys to come home.Thank you for the tour. I member i asked if I could see more of you room and i gesse i just did.

    Still praying for you, Spencer

  21. Peggy Hampton Says:

    You Rock! Your video made my day. It made my day, not just to see your room (which you could convince anybody to sign up for a stay with that video) but it gave me a much needed dose of the Joshua Osborn we miss sooooo much. You are funny, creative, sincere, honest, and courageous! Thank you for making the video—you blessed me. Can’t wait to see you in person. Keep up the great attitude!

  22. Jordan Allen Says:

    Hi Josh! I like your room! I thought it would be way more boring. I have a question for you… What will be the first thing you do when you get to leave your room for good?
    How much longer will you be there? I want you get better and come home soon.
    When you come home, I want to play with you!
    I liked your tour of your room.
    your friend, Jordan

  23. Grandpa Says:

    Hi Joshua, Gandma and I just watched your video tour of your room at the NIH hospital. You did a good job of showing what all you have in your room and what you do with all the things that you have to play with. I hope that you spend enough time doing your school work too. We will be interested in seeing and hearing more about what you spend your time at and how you feel about having to stay in your room all of the time.
    You may wonder if the medical treatment that you are getting (the best in the world) is worth having to be completly isolated like you are but some day you will realize that it was the best thing for you and you will be glad that you did it.
    We hope that you will be making another video showing us the projects that you are working on and what you have already done. You have a good movie making director to help you do it.
    Love, Grandpa and Grandma

  24. Jim McCormick Says:

    Hi Josh!

    You make an excellent tour guide! Thanks for sharing everything in your room with us. I am happy to hear that you’re having fun. Your “mini-concert” on the piano was great. Tell your mom that you want to do a “Heart and Soul” duet, she is a pro at that!

    We are praying for you and for your family everyday. Looking forward to the next update and to having you all back in Badgerland!


  25. Andy Feest Says:

    Excellent update Josh – and Great to see and hear that you are doing well and getting strong. Hang in there man!

    Andy Feest

  26. Chris Woodard Says:

    Looking good Josh. If you keep that up you may be taking my job pretty soon. I see a live reporter in the making. It’s great to see you are doing well and today I’m jealous of your view. I’m staring out the windows in our newsroom and it’s cold, wet and dreary. Take care bud,
    Chris Woodard

  27. Gill Says:

    Hey Josh,

    Awesome to see your room — you did a great job as tour guide! Looks like you’re finding fun things to do. Love your enthusiasm. We miss you at New Crossing — looking forward to whenever you get to come back!

    God bless, Gill

  28. Lori Gatzke Says:

    It was so great to see where you are hanging out and how you like to spend your time! Thanks for sharing. You and your parents are in my thoughts and prayers often and I wish you the best with the rest of your time there.
    Be well and God Bless,

  29. Emily Gerry Says:

    Hey Josh,

    I just watched your video tour of your room! You are a natural at that :) ! It sure was fun skyping with you the other day, and I know Bekah had a good time too! Miss you and love you! Can’t wait to see you up at the cabin this summer!!

    Cousin Emily

  30. Peg Konkol Says:

    Hi Josh: I really enjoyed looking at the little world you live in! I can tell you want to get home, but I think you are awesome for being happy in a little space. We are praying for you here in Kansas City. Dad said your numbers were good the other day and we are rejoicing in that news. We think you are quite the good soldier throughout all this. You probably don’t remember us but we will never forget you! Peg and Dave Konkol

  31. Alicia, Paxton, and Payton Says:

    Hi Joshua! Paxton (he’s 9 & will be 10 in June) and I just watched your video. He knows of you since I’ve talked about you for — gosh — I’m not sure how old you were when I first sort of met your family via the SCID online group. Anywho, Paxton watched your video and said, “He seems like a nice kid.” (Paxton is a boy of many words :P ). I’ve always told him how I think the two of you would be good friends if we didn’t live many states away (we’re in Texas).

    We don’t have Skype, but maybe that’s something I should look into and you and Pax can meet. By the way, he would really enjoy the mammoth cave too. I hope you and your dad make it there this summer!

  32. Markie Says:

    Hey Joshua,

    I’m super happy to see you in such good spirits! I think you’re a remarkable young man; you have great courage and a strong faith in Jesus. I can only imagine how mental hard all the procedures are, but you, take it in stride and make it look effortless – AMAZING! I’m extremely proud to know you and am looking forward to see you soon. You are a light! I know it must help to have awesome parents, which you do. Take good care and know that my husband and I are praying for you and your family.

    Your friend,

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