Preparing for Take-Off

Guess we’ve kind of slacked off updating this blog again. :(   A thousand pardons!  Hopefully you’re on our e-mail list and have been receiving regular updates.

The last couple of week have seen Julie return to Wisconsin (last Wednesday) and Joshua’s test results being anywhere from good to gone. Most of you know we’ve been watching two things in particular: liver enzymes and toxic metabolytes.  Last week we saw a nice drop in liver enzymes on Tuesday, but then an increase on Friday. Then to complicate matters, the FedEx plane carrying blood that is sent to the lab at Duke in Durham, NC (where Josh was originally treated) broke down and was a day late, making the blood unusable for the toxic metabolyte test. So we were resigned to staying another week.

After speaking to the lead doctor last Friday, it sounded like if Josh’s numbers looked good this week, they would not be opposed to my taking Josh home this Saturday. So tentatively, we are booked on a flight back to Wisconsin this coming Saturday. :)   Our actually being ON that plane will be contingent on:

1- A postive result from the toxix metabolyte test. Three weeks ago we saw our first drop after the expected increase that followed the removal of Joshua’s medicine. Then two weeks ago, it went back up a little. Then last week we didn’t get the results b/c of the plane trouble.  So this week they would like to see that those levels have dropped and/or are dropping again.

2- A continuing downward trend for liver enzymes. They’ve gone up and down quite a bit but the overall trend is clearly down. Good news here is that today’s test came back with a nice drop, from 75-61 to 66-51. The high end of normal is 55-45, so we’re getting close. We’ll test again Friday, but it sounds like they’re pretty comfortable with liver enzymes. The doc said that if they were going to shoot way up again they would have done so by now.

3 – No surprises. There are other things they’ve been watching (neutrophils, t-cell proliferation, etc.) that have been looking good. If there was a signficant change for the worse in those, we might have to reconsider the Saturday departure. (Neutrophils were “status quo” today :) )

So if you’re looking for prayer requests, that pretty much covers it. :)

We hope to know by Thursday and I’ll certainly update when we know more.

Thanks again!

Clark (Julie, Josh & Timmy)

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