Free at Last!

SDC11757As most of you know by now, after 81 days in an isolation room at NIH, last Friday Joshua got sprung! Then on Saturday, he and I flew back to Madison. Well, actually we flew to Chicago, had our flight cancelled and took the bus back to Madison, but home is home. :)

Josh remains off his medicine and seems to be doing well. They will continue to monitor him with weekly blood tests and we’ll be going out to NIH for follow ups once a month for awhile. A trip to Duke for a “booster” bone marrow transplant remains a possibility, but for now, it’s off to Mammoth Cave and to enjoy summer for awhile.

Hopefully you’ll see some posts, pics, video along the way.

Below is a less-than-spectacular video of Josh getting out of his room. I had the camcorder in one hand and the laptop in the other so that mom could watch live on Skype.


Many Blessings,

Clark (Julie, Josh & Timmy)

5 Responses to “Free at Last!”

  1. Jacque Girard Says:

    JOSH!!! FREEDOM!!! Healing!!! You and God both amaze me!! Well done young man! We are all so proud of you and I can’t wait to hear all you will share about this experience. What a great young man you are Josh. I’m proud to know you!
    With much love, prayer and many blessings for a fun and fantastic future looking out for your little brother!

  2. Kristine Fischer Says:

    It was so cool seeing you break free! Whoowwwoo – It made me tear up as I can just imagine how you felt walking out and then going outside – Wow that must have been something to feel wind and smell the air again. Thank you for allowing us to go with you on your journey – You are AMAZING and I am so very happy for you!!! Your courage and outlook on life is very contagious. God’s presence is all over you and I am so looking forward to seeing you!

    Love and blessings to you!!


  3. Kathy Ryan Says:

    Great Escape, Josh! You won’t need to work on that underground tunnel you’ve been digging anymore! Glad to have you Free, home long enough to pet those cats, and now off w/your Dad for some more adventures. See you around your deck & grill sometime this summer!


  4. Julie Says:

    Hey Little Buddy,

    Thank you to Jesus for giving you the grace to be in that room for 81 days. Your attitude was amazing. I love you so much and my prayer is that all the days of your life you’ll walk in the freedom that God has for you. I’m sooo happy that you were able to go on your trip with Dad and Spencer to celebrate… deserve it so much. Have a blast! Words can’t explain how blessed I feel to have you for my son. :)

    Love, Mom

  5. Diane Wangerin Says:

    HI Josh,

    It may have taken some time, however you are healed, you are free, I find you and your family so amaging ,your attitude was awesome dear child..Enjoy the celebration trip with your Dad….Soon you will have a little brother, you will enjoy him, each stage of his growth will bring him closer to running around playing and having fun with you..I am blessed to know you and your Mom and Dad……..I pray for you daily and I will continue to you and your family….God Bless….Diane

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