There’s No Place Like the Road

Joshua and I arrived back in Wisconsin via the Van Galder bus due to the cancellation of several flights (incl ours) out of O’Hare. So Julie picked us up at the “Park-n-Ride” despite the presence of these conspicuous looking characters:


Conspicuous Looking Characters

 Of course they turned out to be our very good friends who had dressed up special just for Joshua’s return.


After a nice homecoming with Pumkin, Esther & Jessie (Josh’s cats), we enjoyed a meal with friends and posed for a gaggle of photos that were being taken by a Wisconsin State Journal photographer. They’ve been working on a story about Josh & SCID that I believe will run next Sunday for anyone who’s interested.

Then Sunday AM we got up to travel to Eau Claire for a graduation party of one of Josh’s cousins. After almost 3 months away from home, we managed a whole 18 hours or so before hitting the road again!

 Upon our arrival in Eau Claire, it took Josh all of about 2 minutes to find his way past all of the greetings of everyone who was so happy to see him to the highlight attraction of this party: the rented inflatable fun house thingee…


It was great to see so much family together in Eau Claire. Josh had managed to connect with some of his cousins on Skype from NIH, but this is the first time people had seen him in person since March, so it was fun to watch.

After about 4 hours in Eau Claire, we turned around and headed back to Cottage Grove to get packed for Joshua’s next “big adventure”: a 6-day trek to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. He and I have been talking about it ever since Josh visited Cave of the Mounds 3-4 years ago. We wanted him to be able to do something special after his NIH confinement and this is what he chose. So after another 12 hours or so at home and a follow-up blood test at Dean Care on Monday AM, Josh and I and his good buddy Spencer hit the road once again for our…


More on that in our next post…


Clark (Josh, Julie & Timmy)

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  1. Kathy Ryan Says:

    Loving those suspicious looking characters…what a hoot!

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