Mammoth Cave Adventure, Day 1


So I’m already a day behind on this and I have no idea if or when I’ll catch up, but here goes anyway. Josh and I and his good buddy Spencer left Cottage Grove Monday AM to drive to Indianapolis, the first stop on our Mammoth Cave adventure. We’ll be in Indy for two days, highlighted by trips to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and the Indy Zoo. I’m told that the former is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

We got to Indy around 4:00 local time (I completely forgot that Indiana was EST and we would lose an hour). The timing was good as we arrived just after a severe t-storm had blown through and about 1 hour before a tornado crossed I-65 up at Lafayette.  After getting settled at our hotel, we headed out for a local biz called “Snappers Fun Zone” (or something like that).  The boys had a great time which unfortunately had to be cut a little short by another round of storms. There were tornados north and south of Indy, but all we saw was really heavy rain.  We hit it about 5 minutes before getting back to the hotel and drove the remainder of the way like everyone else: very slowly and with the hazards on.

Our long day finished with a late dinner and even later swim and I’ll leave you with a couple videos from the day (below). The second one is all of 11 seconds b/c the camera battery died. :(


Clark (Josh & Spence)

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