Mammoth Cave Adventure: Day 2 in Indy

SDC11839After a fine continental breakfast at our motel, it was off to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. The museum is billed as one of the largest in the world and it did not disappoint. At least not much anyway. CMI boasts 4 different levels of attractions from my favorite the “Dinosphere” on the lower level to the “Science Works Science Port” on level 4.  One of the main attractions for the boys was a “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” exhibit that proved to be a little less than we were all expecting. But all the other things to do and see there more than made up for that and we would highly recommend the stop for anyone with kids driving this way or even for a 2-3 days get away. We made it to Indy through Chicago in right around 5 hours.


We spent about 5 1/2 hours at CMI and then headed out to find another amusement place called “Xscape” that Josh found online. Unfortunately, when we got there we found it closed for a week or two as it had been recently purchased by another company and was undergoing some renovation. Naturally, the boys were a bit disappointed, so it was back to Snapper’s for another round of jumping, games, bowling and laser tag.

Another round of severe weather rolled through Central Indiana about the same time as the night before. If we had left about 10 minutes earlier, we would have beat the storms back to the motel. Since this time there was a severe t-storm warning for our county, we got off I-65 and found cover under the entrance to a nearby hotel. Winds were pretty strong and the power in the hotel went out while we sat there, but all in all it really wasn’t too bad.

After something to eat, the boys managed to find enough energy for another pre-bedtime swim. They were both out pretty quick when their heads hit the pillow and I spent more time than I probably should have uploading pics and video and writing yesterday’s post.

Day 3 (today/Wed) was spent at the Indy Zoo and then traveling to the hotel in Horse Cave, KY where I’m writing this now. The boys have been swimming for a couple hours now and should get to sleep a little earlier tonight as we’re not doing anything else. Depending how things go, I may create today’s post yet today or I might just keep it a day behind.

Happy Birthday Mom/Wifey!!!


Clark & Josh

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  1. Julie Says:

    Sweet dance moves!! It’s soooo neat to see you and Spence having such a blast. You sure deserve it. I hope these next couple of days are even more fun. I can’t wait to see you back home again though so we can be together and meet your brother soon.

    Love, Mom

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