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Greetings once again to all. Updating the blog turned out to be a little more challenging than I thought it would be. Our only option for Internet at the house we’re staying at is a temporary dial-up account. Uploading pictures or video and updating this blog through that connection is out of the question. I think the Flintstones had a faster internet connection.

Fortunately, there really hasn’t been much to report. Everything we’ve done to this point has been just routine preparatory testing and that’s all gone just fine. We’re pretty much just waiting for September 23rd, which is Josh’s transplant date. He will be admitted on Wednesday the 22nd (still not 100% sure why), Julie will come in on the 23rd for the “harvest” and then Josh will receive the infused cells by IV later in the day. I think we’ll all be back “home” the night of the 23rd. Then if all goes to plan, we just hang around here for a couple of weeks to see how Josh responds.

There is really no significant risk for Josh in this procedure. Either the “booster” transplant will improve his function or it won’t. Because he’s already got mom’s cells working in him again, there’s no chance of any sort of reaction like “Graft Versus Host Disease”. The transplant will likely be harder on Julie, who will have general anesthesia for the bone marrow harvest and was pretty sore for quite some time after the original transplant in 1999. So pray that it goes well and she experiences some supernaturally quick healing and recovery.

Josh has been meeting with a teacher every weekday to help him keep up with his schoolwork. He likes her a lot and he’s very good at going right after his homework so he can have the rest of his day for whatever.

Timmy is doing very well. He’s becoming a little more regular and continues to work towards sleeping through the night. The house we’re staying in has three bedrooms, so we’ve each taken one with Timmy sleeping in Julie’s room. This has allowed me to get some consistent sleep for several nights in a row for the first time in several months and for this I’m very grateful. I’m still pretty tired, but I feel like I can see the light at the end of my sleep-deprivation tunnel.

We’re all VERY grateful for the home we’ve been given to stay in while we’re here. It’s called the “Temple Home” and it’s owned and used as an outreach ministry by Temple Baptist Church here in Durham. We are not being charged to stay here and have been treated to some wonderful hospitality by some of TBC’s members. Perhaps in my next update I can post some pics and/or a video tour of the Temple Home. It’s small, but it’s very nice – really perfect I’d say – and Joshua said yesterday that it already felt like his home. :)

I’ll leave you with a wonderful video that Joshua took last night of Timmy talking just before bedtime. It had us all with tears in our eyes from laughing.


Clark, Julie, Josh & Timmy

5 Responses to “Timmy Talk”

  1. Kathy Ryan Says:

    I do believe Master Timmy just preached a three point sermon!!! He’ll be using power point next!

  2. karin Says:

    I understood every word!

  3. John Flitz Says:

    WOW! You have a really chatty brother. keep the videos coming!


  4. dawnieb Says:

    what a beautiful song, little timmy! just what i needed for a good nights rest!!

  5. dawnieb Says:

    what a beautiful song, little timmy!! just what i needed for a good nights rest!!

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