Arrival at NIH

Greetings from Bethesda!

We got here about 1PM EST and just caught the NIH shuttle from Reagan Int’l. I just love that airport. Can’t believe how small it is for a big market like DC. Of course both Dulles and Baltimore also serve the area. At Reagan, it’s like 2 minutes from the gate to ground transportation and the baggage carousel is right by the front door.

We checked in at the Children’s Inn and then hit the clinic cafeteria for lunch. Came back and watched the US heartbreaker and pretty much lounged around the Inn the rest of the day.

Josh has a blood draw in the AM for some further testing and he and Julie both have to get some sort of “mouth swab” for further genetic analysis. Not sure if we’ll meet with docs tomorrow or not.

Hopefully we won’t be in the clinic all day, cuz it’s supposed to be 50 here tomorrow. If we have the time, we’ll probably head to the National Mall and take Joshua to a museum or two.

No idea where the week will take us, but hopefully it will bring some answers as to what’s next for Josh.

Thanks again to everyone for their prayers and support.


Clark (Julie & Josh)

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  1. Kathy Ryan Says:

    Missing you already! With all the snow DC has gotten, if it’s in the 50’s you may need to take a canoe with you to the Mall. With all the trips I’ve taken to DC, I’ve yet to get into the Smithsonian. Josh will love it if you get there!

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