A Note from Josh


Thanks to everybody¬†for praying for me! I feel much better today. Sorry I haven’t been sending blogs out everyday. I’ll send them out when I can. This is my third day (second full day) being in the hospital room. I having a really fun time by watching movies and going on the computer. And I have a really nice teacher!

God bless you!


2 Responses to “A Note from Josh”

  1. Melinda Lancaster Says:

    Hi Joshua:
    Glad you are feeling better and back in WI with your friends for awhile. We are praying for you along with your parents every single day.
    Greg & Melinda Lancaster

  2. Joshua Osborn Says:

    Thank you your prayers!

    God Bless you and your family!

    P.S. I am glad to be back with my friends for a while!
    I’m having so much fun!

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