Please Release Me Let Me Go…

We’re all back over at the Children’s Inn tonight. Yeah!!! Joshua is back to his old self and running all over the Inn after almost 3 days in the hospital room.  He’s down doing some supervised arts & crafts stuff at the moment.  These places, both NIH & the Children’s Inn, are exceptionally well run and well equipped facilities.

Tomorrow we’ll get Josh’s regular PegADA shots in the AM and then we’re going to jump on the Metro and head to the National Mall to spend the day in the museums and monuments. The boy has earned a little play time we think. :)

Friday at 5:30 PM we will meet with the doctors one more time to see what they know and what they are thinking for us moving forward. If we would choose to put Joshua in isolation and remove his medicine to see how he responds, it sounds like it would be a couple weeks to a month at least before we would start that. We think that would probably happen here, but that’s one of many questions that are yet to be answered for certain. We also are waiting for the docs at Duke to chime in on the situation. Not sure if that will happen before our meeting tomorrow, so it will be no surprise if we still have unanswered questions at day’s end tomorrow.

We will be flying back to Wisconsin Saturday and be home until we know what we’re going to do next. Could be just a week or two, could be considerably longer. It’s definitely a season of uncertainty unlike anything since the original diagnosis over 10 years ago, but we’re happy to report it’s a peaceful uncertainty. God’s in control and He’s just chosen to limit how far we can see where we’re going. :) We trust Him completely so “it’s all good”.

Thanks over and over again for all you support, encouragement and prayers. Please continue to pray for peace and protection, for clear direction and for spirit-led discernment and wisdom for all the doctors involved.

Many Blessings,

Clark, Julie & Josh

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  1. Korbin & Kim Eisler Says:

    Hi Josh, Korbin would like you to know that he has been thinking of you and praying for you a lot this week. He was very sad that you were sick earlier this week but is glad that you are feeling better. He has been telling all of his friends at school about you. He hopes that God and the doctors can help get you all better soon. He misses you a lot and wants to play with you again soon
    Big Hugs from Korbin

  2. Joshua Osborn Says:

    Thanks for praying for me buddy!

    As you know I’m back home and fine, and hope to see you again soon.

    Your clone trooper buddy Joshua

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