The Waiting Game

Thanks to everyone who has commented, emailed, called… with encouragement and to see how we’re doing. We can’t repeat enough how much we appreciate our family and friends. I’m trying to get Joshua to do more of these updates, but he hit the ground running here in Wisconsin and between school, homework and playing with friends, he hasn’t found much time for it.

We’re still expecting to head back to NIH at some point. We’re just waiting to hear from them to formulate a plan. In the meantime, we’re keeping plenty busy at home with all sorts of things.

We spoke to Joshua’s doctor at Duke (where he was first treated and transplanted).  After we take Joshua off his medicine and at least a couple of weeks after Josh’s brother is born, we may go back to Duke to have a “booster” bone marrow transplant done on Josh to boost the immune function that they found recently at NIH. We’re hoping that when we take Josh off his medicine that his system will respond to everything (including people’s prayers!) in such a way that the booster will not be necessary. Wouldn’t that be cool?!?  If not, then it’s probably out to NIH, back home for childbirth, down to Duke for the booster and then back to NIH for Gene Therapy!  (I knew I shudda taken that left toin at Albukoykee!) :)

That’s all folks!

Clark Osborn

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  1. Karolyn, Steve,Ben and THomas Says:

    Hi Josh,
    THanks for having THomas and Ben over to play. They love coming to play at your house. THomas has said that he is really happy that you have been nack at school. We hope all goes well with your next adventure and hope to hear good news soon. With Spring comes new life and new hope— and a new immune sysem!!!!
    Love and prayers ,
    The Rathert’s

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