Happy Birthday Josh!!!

Life is so COOL!

Life is so COOL!”

Josh turns 11 today and we’re celebrating the incredible blessing that he is to us and to so many others.¬†Feel free to leave birthday greetings in the comments.


Clark & Julie

7 Responses to “Happy Birthday Josh!!!”

  1. Korbin & Kim Eisler Says:

    Dear Josh,
    Happy Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you have a super wonderful awesome day! Thank you for having me over to play with you, it was lots of fun! Let’s do it again! I will keep praying for you. I will miss you a lot cause you are my friend!

  2. Jean Gerry Says:

    Hey Josh!
    Happy Birthday Buddy!
    Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Love always,
    Uncle Dave, Aunt Jean, Jessie, Teddy & Champ :)

  3. Cousin Heather Says:

    Happy Birthday Josh!
    I hope you got lots of cool prizes!

  4. Miklos & Kathyrn Says:

    Happy Birthday Josh!!!!
    So thrilled and excited for you, what an incredible couple of weeks you and your family have had. Our best wishes for a great new year of life. You are the best present ever for your Mom and Dad, just remember that !
    Love, The Vincze’s
    Ariel, Austin, Savannah,Cheyenne, Danielle, Joshua, Dominic, & Tucker

  5. Shelley, Jerry, McKenna, Ashlen & Kadence Legried Says:

    Happy Birthday a day late, Josh, and Happy St. Patty’s Day to the whole family!!! Would love to see what you created with those leggos you got! :-)

  6. Uncle Pete Says:


    We hope you had a great birthday. We love you!!!

    Uncle Pete Aunt Izzy Brooke Zach Kelli and Tyler

  7. Joshua Osborn Says:

    Thanks for everybody for the birthday wishes!

    I had so much fun on my birthday! Me and my cousin Caleb went to Chuck-e-Chesse.
    I won like 6 prizes! They weren’t super fancy prizes though, just small ones.

    Thank you for praying for me and God bless you all!

    P.S. Keep commenting!

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