Breaking Out

Everything’s good here so far. Today is the first full day without medicine for Josh. He normally gets his shots on Wednesdays but didn’t get them yesterday. He’ll have some blood work done early next week to get an early peek on how his immune system responds.

The docs said that in the first week it would be OK for Josh to leave the room wearing a mask and gloves, so Josh got to explore the clinic yesterday and do a little running around. That will probably be the hardest part of his adventure, the activity limits imposed by his isolation that is. We’re still waiting for his Wii system and hopefully a Nerf ball & hoop too. I had asked previously about a mini-trampoline, but they weren’t going for that one. :)

It was beautiful here yesterday – sunny and 67. Julie and I got to walk the campus a bit but were turned away at the nearby Naval Hospital in our attempts to reach their McDonalds for a couple of McDoubles for the boy. Our contact here said that we should have been allowed in, so she’s going to accompany us today, so hopefully Josh will get his McDoubles. To our friends at home: please patronize McDonalds for us so that they stay in business. ;)

Hope all is well with everyone who reads this. Thanks to our good friend Kathy for taking such good care of Pumkin, Esther and Jessie. Just a reminder to anyone who might want to talk to and/or see Josh: we have our cell phones here and are also set up on Skype for both audion AND video Skyping. Just contact us to arrange a time for that.

We’ll work on getting some NIH pictures together.

Many Blessings,

Clark, Julie & Josh

5 Responses to “Breaking Out”

  1. Kathy Ryan Says:

    Hi Josh,

    Hope you got your McDouble…sure made me hungry reading about it. So everyone is doing fine…Jessie did one fine acrobatic movement today into the back of the couch…ouch! Esther poked Pumpkin in the nose for trying to take something away, so I guess she’s not as shy as I thot. Oh, and I actually saw one of the turtles today! They are all well, but wanting you to come home soon! You’re better to them than any toys! Hope you got your Wii system by now…

  2. Kole Knickmeier Says:

    Hi Josh –
    Did you get your Wii yet? If you did what games did you get to play?
    How are you doing? It sounds like things are going pretty well so far….at least you got to go look around for while.

    Hope you got your McDoubles and I will do my best to keep McDonalds in business for you in Cottage Grove!!

    Miss you at school… to you sometime soon.

  3. Joshua Says:

    Dear Kole,

    Thanks for keeping McDonalds alive! And I really hope to see you soon!
    And no, I didn’t get my WII yet, (uuuuuuugggghhhhh!) but I brought like 12 WII games from home. Yesterday I made a lego video. I hoping my dad will have time to help me edit my video (not with laser effects because I don’t have the software and I can’t download any offline!).

    At least I can make a Intoduction star wars style ( when the yellow letters fade away at the beginning of the star wars movies) and a credit scene including a sneak preview of the next episode of it!

    Lego Maniac 16 loging off!

    P.S. my lego video is called Star Wars the Clone Wars Chrisis Episode 1 Return of Count Dooku (there are also ep. 3 clones in it to; make sure to check for it on youtube! (Make sure to type in Clarkotube when you look for it)

  4. Spencer hampton Says:

    Hi josh , I miss you and need a good buddy to play with. spring break officially started yesterday and you not there to enjoy it with me. But you seem like you have some good stuff to play with there. I tried to call you,but there was no answer.

    I hope to see you around May and I’ll try to stay in touch.

    best bud, Spencer

  5. Kathy Ryan Says:

    Just got back from playing with the cats! Pumpkin figured out how to get into the catnip bottle and had reached a state of bliss. Jessie let me give her a good long belly rub, and Esther sits back and takes it all in. They love their play time, but mostly they can’t wait til you’re home! I’ll try to remember to bring my camera so I can take some pix.

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