On the Loose

The docs gave us permission during the first week of isolation to take Josh out of the room as long as he was wearing a mask and gloves and steered clear of other kids. So Julie had him out and gave him a tour of the NIH patient library.  This video wasn’t playing very well for me on YouTube. Might have to reload in a different format.


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  1. admin Says:

    Looks alright now. Let me know if you have any trouble with it.

  2. Kathy Ryan Says:

    Hey Josh,

    Good to see you walking around in your surgical garb! I took some pictures of the cats today but my camera needed recharging, so I’ll try again as they were blurry. I’ll try sending a few of them to your mom, tho. They were full of energy today, waiting at the kitchen table for me to come. They love the wand toy w/the feathers…I’m going to get a new attachment as they have half the feathers off already.

  3. Kole Knickmeier Says:

    Hey Josh –
    Boy – I really miss you now during Spring Break….I will try to call you sometime while I am off so we can catch up.

    I went out to look at the Star Wars Utube video, but did not see it out there yet. I will check back again later – can’t wait to see what it looks like and how many stars you get.

    We are watching the “Life” series on the Discovery channel…it is so cool. It is all about different animals and shows show they live. The pictures are awesome.

    Did you check out the Guniess Book of World Records book? I really love those books. Some day I am going to do something to get into the book.

    Take care…..Lego Buddy 2

  4. Uncle Pete Says:

    Great to see you “out and about”. I really like the outfit!

    Brooke wants to say “I love you and have a happy day at the hospital”
    Zach wants to say “I love you funny boy”

    We miss you guys.

    Uncle Pete

  5. Joshua Osborn Says:

    Thanks Kathy, Kole & Pete!

    I’m having so much fun in my room cuz I have a Wii, Playstation 2 and a Nerf basketball hoop. Me & my mom had 2 basketball competitions. My mom beat me the first time 30-28 and then the second time I beat her 20-18. On my last shot of the game I made a long basket from the end of the room. And as I made the basket a nurse was watching and made a three point sign with his arms as I shouted “whoopee!”

    Hey Kole… I will try to get that Lego video on YouTube as soon as I can. Lego maniac 16 logging off…

    Thanks for the comments. Please keep them coming.

  6. mark and michelle brown Says:

    hey great to see you being yourself even in a mask and gloves. hey we are thinking of you and are praying. have a great easter and hurry home soon the browns

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