Happy Easter!

Not much new to report here. Our first blood test results were pretty inconclusive as expected, but at least there were no significant drops in counts. A “no news is good news” sort of situation I guess. We’ll be attending an easter service at the chapel here in the clinic tomorrow, Julie & I that is. We’ll miss our church family. :(

Julie is heading out on the Metro this AM to get a close up look at the Cherry Blossoms. This is the peak “bloom” period for the National Cherry Blossom Festival. There are a number of trees here on the NIH campus, but I guess the place to be is around the “Tidal Basin” where there are thousands of trees.

The Brewers are in town April 16-18. We’re hoping to find some tix through someone at NIH but may break down and by them to catch a game. Like most DC stuff, it’s right off the Metro.

Like Wisconsin, we’ve had some great weather here lately. We’re in a stretch of 70’s and are supposed to have 3 days in the 80’s next week. We’re about a month ahead of Wisconsin’s climate out here.

Joshua continues to do fine in isolation. There’s plenty enough to keep him entertained, including a “play therapist” who comes in for an hour a day to do crafts, projects, games… with him. He seems to really enjoy the nerf basketball hoop we set up in the room, probably because it involves moving around. Sponge Bob and Patrick visit often of course, along with Annakin, Obi Wan and the rest of the crew. I started a 1-month trial with Netflix for their online movies and there’s a good selection in the NIH clinic library, so plenty of movies too. He’s had a break from school like he would have at home. His teacher will start coming in daily again on Tuesday.

Julie and baby are well. She’s enjoying here time here more than she thought she would I think. More time available to her than she’s had in a long time and she’s making good use of it. Lot’s of rest, reading, walking, listening to Joyce Meyer and others and hanging out with me and the boy.

Wishing we could be with family and friends for Easter, but we’re where we need to be right now so “that’s the way it is”.

Many Blessings and Happy Easter,

Clark, Julie, Josh and Timmy (we think)

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  1. Kathy Ryan Says:

    Hey Josh,

    Pumpkin, Esther & Jessie send their love…they can’t wait for you to come home! I keep bringing them balls to play with and the balls keep disappearing…goodness only knows where they are hiding them…Jessie especially. This morning they were sitting in the sun on the kitchen table waiting for me. They want you to know they are doing okay, but really miss you!

  2. Ursula Says:

    Hey. Firm date of being admitted April 25th.

  3. Gill Says:

    Hey Guys,
    We missed you at Easter too. They say a change is as good as a rest — is that true?
    Love you and praying for you.

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