Day 16

Day 16 of Joshua’s isolation seemed like an appropriate day for an update. :) If you don’t know why or just want to hear my “16″ story for the 16th time, just let me know.
Joshua had another blood draw today. All the results from the first draw last week aren’t in yet, but those that have come in have been good. Some results come in a day or two but others take up to 10.
His teacher was back yesterday after “Spring Break”. She works with him for an hour a day and then it’s up to him and us to try to keep him up with the schoolwork he would have had at home. His teachers in Cottage Grove did an amazing job preparing lessons, materials, etc. before we left, so it’s quite manageable. There is also a “play therapist” that comes in most every day to work with Josh on projects, play Wii or whatever. So he continues to be able to adapt very well with his isolation and just yesterday said “don’t you think it’s going really fast?”

Julie & I both made separate trips this week down to the “Tidal Basin” (National Mall) area to see the Cherry Blossoms. It was a little “past peak” color wise, but still well worth the trip and a nice, WARM excursion away from computers, hospital rooms, etc.  It was 80+ both days and today it’s supposed to by 88!  Crazy.

Going to keep it short today. Prayer requests for our praying friends & family:
- Continue to pray for Joshua’s immune system to respond well and for increases in functioning t-cells and b-cells
- Pray against all “toxicity” issues, especially elevated liver enzymes, which has always been something they’ve watched in Josh
- Pray that Josh (and all of us) would continue to stay healthy and cope well with all the issues of displacement, isolation, etc.
- Pray that I would sleep better in Josh’s room. It’s been pretty tough so far and I’ve had to take naps most days to try to catch up.
Clark (Julie, Josh & Timmy we think:)

2 Responses to “Day 16”

  1. Kathy Ryan Says:

    Hey Josh,

    Okay, today was a day of belly rubs…everyone wanted in on the action (well, not the turtles)…Jessie got several as did Pumpkin…but even Esther got tired of just smelling my shoes and wanted a rub down, too. I just read that a cat’s sense of smell is 14x greater than a human’s…so why do they keep smelling my shoes w/o passing out?! As always, they send their love and can’t wait til you’re home.

  2. Ursula Says:

    Good to hear things are progressing. We made our plane reservations there today. The trip home will be reserved by the travel office but we had to cover the first trip there. Macey is jazzed about riding on a plane but not so jazzed about the mask she has to wear. On our paperwork there seems to be a room number, tell me if this looks like one – “89-I-0158-1NW”

    17 days till we’re there.

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