As Time Goes By

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 5 days since we last posted. Time sure is flying by. Joshua had another blood draw this AM. They’re normally on Tuesdays but it’s subject to the right people being available in the lab. So last week Wednesday, this week Monday.  This morning’s early lab results showed a significant drop in neutrophils. A drop was expected, but it’s dropped close to the point that they may have to give him some new antibiotics as a precaution and we may need to raise levels of precaution in the room (masks, gowns, etc.).  Josh is fine. Just pray that his levels wouldn’t drop any further and that test results that are still to come would be positive.


Josh continues to adapt well to the isolation which makes things easier for Julie and I. He’s pretty easily entertained and as I’ve said before, the support system here is great. Above Josh is working on a painting project that the play therapist brought in for him. As you might guess, after getting this dog he asked if they had cats and of course they found one for him which he has yet to paint.

Julie and I went in to downtown Bethesda yesterday to attend the “Church in Bethesda”. It was nice and reminded us some of our church at home. I was invited to come back Wednesday for their music/worship practice. Not sure how plugged in we’ll get at this point though since we don’t expect to be here too long this time around.

Julie’s cousin Jim is coming to DC on business so they’re getting together for dinner tomorrow night. It will be good for her to be able to connect with family. Then later this month, Julie will fly back to Madison for some OB appointments. If you want to see her while she’s back, she’s flying home Thursday April 29th and then back out here the following Monday.

Thanks to the generosity of some church friends, Julie and I are going to see the Brewers play the Washington Nationals on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will be good and the Brewer’s starting pitcher won’t stink up the joint.  If I’ve got the rotation right, I think Randy Wolf will be pitching and he’s the only one who’s pitched well so far. Guess we’ll see. If the weather’s good, it should be fun regardless.

Sunny and 72 today. Rainy and 61 tomorrow. Guess I better get out there!

Many Blessings,

Clark (Julie & Josh)

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  1. Kathy Ryan Says:

    Hey Josh,

    Took some more sparkly balls to the cats today as Jessie loves them so…they keep disappearing, tho, as she keeps hiding them. Somewhere in your house, she has already hidden 4 of them! Today, Pumpkin was the star attacking the feather wand…incredible flips & summersaults! Esther let me give her another belly rub. Spring is in the air and they can’t wait for your return and for the drapes to be open!

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