Overdue Update

Sorry to be so long in updating. I was hoping that Joshua would take to writing these himself, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of interest there and you don’t need to hear from me everyday. But we are overdue for an update, so here goes…

Good News

In our last update we mentioned a somewhat significant drop in Josh’s neutrophils. They had dropped from 960 to 680 and at 500, we would have had to begin to add some additional precautions.  We did another blood draw on Friday (the 680 result was from Monday) and his neutrophil count jumped over 1,400!  While all our readers may not share this sentiment… that’s the power of prayer! :) As always, thanks so much to all of you who are praying. Keep up the good work!

Joshua continues to sail through this season with very little difficulty. His adaptation to the isolation/situation truly makes this very easy for all of us. He is so easily entertained and there are no shortage of diversions for him. The latest one was Joshua’s first Skype video call – a 100 minute marathon with his buddy Kole. It was fun to watch them reconnect through technology that we couldn’t have even imagine when we were kids.

Julie continues to be amazed at how quickly the time is going here. In addition to all the time she gets to spend with Joshua, she’s able to spend time with God every morning in ways that life typically doesn’t allow at home. She has said more than once that in many ways this seems like a retreat to her. Again, I attribute a lot of that to the faithful prayers of her family and friends. As I mentioned last post, she’ll be back in Madison for 4 days starting Thursday April 29th to have some routine OB appointments for boy #2.

Nothing much to report from me. I’m still not sleeping very well, but there’s always time for a catch up nap so no big worries there. I’d just rather sleep better and skip the naps. :) Julie and I had the tremendous misfortune of choosing last Saturday to go see the Brewers play the Nationals. They were shut out on 4 hits and then on SUNDAY, they put up TEN runs in the top of the FIRST INNING! So you just might argue that we picked the wrong game. :(

I’ll be coming home this Thursday for the weekend to watch my niece play in the Big 10 Golf Championship out at University Ridge. That only comes around once every 11 years I think, so we’re very blessed to have it happen while she’s in school. As some of you might know, she broke some UW school records on that course as a freshman, so we’re all very excited to see how she does this weekend. If someone could do something about the current lousy weather forecast for this weekend, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I’ll leave you with a video you may have already seen from my Facebook post. It’s Josh and I playing hoops in the room and Josh making a pretty impressive shot.

Until next time…


Clark (Julie & Joshua) Osborn

2 Responses to “Overdue Update”

  1. Uncle Pete Says:

    Great news on the latest results. It’s great to hear Josh’s laugh on the video. We miss you guys. (Uncle Pete)

    Nice shot Josh! I miss you! (Brooke)

    I want to sword fight with you when you come home. I miss you! I love you! (Zach)

    WA WA WA WA (Tyler) :)

  2. Naomi Skye Says:

    Thanks for the updates, Clark! It is wonderful news about Josh’s treatment and nice to hear you and Julie are adapting to the situation.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers often.

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