Down with Liver Enzymes!

Greetings again. Hard to believe that another week has already gone by. The time here really is flying by.

The last couple of blood tests have been of the “good news, bad news” variety. Josh’s neutrophil count, which had dropped to 680 a couple of weeks ago, has been 1,4oo, 800+ and 1,600 the last three times. :)   Those are good numbers for him.  The bad news is that the last two tests have shown an increase in his liver enzymes. He’s normally around 50 and last week it went up to 61 and today to about 100. These aren’t dangerous levels but they are high and they are somewhat of a concern. Our NIH doc said that we will test again on Thursday and that we might have to consider putting Josh back on his shots. Our doctor at Duke however doesn’t feel that this would be necessary. So…

For you praying types, please pray that his liver enzymes would go back down. Pray also for wisdom for the docs and clarity and unity in communicating what they feel is best for Josh. And pray for us, against any fear or anxiety that would try to creep in and for wisdom to make good decisions.

Josh continues to enjoy his time here. He didn’t feel so great this weekend, possibly due to the liver thing. He wasn’t really sick or anything, just a little upset stomach and headache and he didn’t have a lot of energy. But he was better on Sunday and seemed like his old self on Monday.  The only exception to that I guess is that his appetite seems to have decreased. Not sure what that’s about. Could have something to do with his ongoing lack of activity (compared to the norm) and I suppose it could have something to do with the other stuff going on in his body.

While most of his time gets spent on other things (Wii, Skype, computer…), he does find time now and then to play the keyboard that NIH has let him keep in his room.  You can check out a 30-second concert below if you like.


I enjoyed my trip back to Wisconsin. I didn’t see as many people as I would have liked to, but I saw some and enjoyed walking all 72-holes of the Big Ten Women’s Golf Championships with my very talented golfing niece. She didn’t have her “A” game, but she played better each round and finished with a 76 in some reallly lousy conditions (windy, rainy w/ temps in the low 50’s). She finished tied for 32nd (out of 66) and the Badgers finished 4th as a team.

The other thing I was most looking forward too on my trip home was 4 nights in a dark, quiet room in a king size bed. Unfortunately, and quite inexplicably, it did not make much of a difference as I continue to struggle to get quality sleep at night. I just can’t sleep for more than 1 1/2 or 2 hours at a time and often only get a couple of those in each night.  I’m going to check in with my doctor tomorrow on this and see what he thinks.

Julie is still doing very well and loving life pregnant. She’ll be back in Wisconsin on Thursday for anyone who wants to try to catch up with her. At the moment, that’s not very hard. ;)

Guess that’s plenty for this update. Thanks again to all of our family and friends for your prayers and support.

Many Blessings,

Clark, Julie, Josh & Timmy (we think:)

4 Responses to “Down with Liver Enzymes!”

  1. Cass Says:

    Hi guys! You’ve been on my mind and today I was just wanting to pray for you all and stand with you all. Clark, sorry I didn’t get a chance to see you. Tell Sistah Julie I’m willing to drive by where ever she is while she’s home and wave if that’s all she has time for. :-) Rest assured the Punsels r with u in spirit. Maybe I will be able to give Julie the card Mad made for Josh. Praising Him for continued progress for Josh and for peace for all of you. I’ll say Mads nigh-nigh prayer for you to get some good rest! Can’t have our crack reporter falling asleep now can we?

  2. Dwight Clough Says:

    Thanks for the concert, Josh! Praying for you guys!

  3. Ursula Says:

    Waving from down the hall. Hope he feels better today and that the labs look better too.

  4. Angela Says:

    Cool! How long have you been playing piano, Josh?

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